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Crane / Lifter

Improved safety for your daily work

Challenges for optimal safety work

Overloading the basket

The maximum allowed weight of the load is quickly reached when it cannot be monitored and measured.

Precise extending of outriggers

For maximum use of capacity, it is necessary to precisely measure the extension length of the individual outriggers.

Reduce downtime

When a machine does not work for a long time, the downtime costs for the customer increase. For this reason, professional service has to get it up and running again quickly.



With its future-oriented concepts for aerial work platforms and mobile cranes, MOBA Mobile Automation makes a clear statement in the market. With their modular design, the MOBA safety applications are highly customizable and focused on maximum safety at the same time.

Benefit from our wide range of safety products which meet international standards and provide the most advanced protection for personnel and vehicles. We are THE partner for global automation solutions in rugged environments.


modulare HMI Concept

Operating units according to your individual requirements

The MOBA HMImc (mc = modular concept) provides you the unique opportunity to easily and quickly create  your individual operating unit. Simply combine your required components out of a range of keypad, display, and joystick modules and profit from a major advantage of this  modularity: a short development time.


  • Individual, customized HMI
  • Proven keypad, display or joystick modules
  • Short development times
  • Flexible extension with new function possibilities
  • Durability by modularity
  • Small production quantities possible

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Thanks to its modular construction, all components can be exchanged at any time in an uncomplicated manner. In addition to the hardware, the software has also been designed for long-term use. Such time- and cost-efficient upgrades not only increase the longevity of the system, but also significantly contribute to the reduction of maintenance times. Specially developed features make the control panel a true everyday hero among users.


  • Individual, customized HMI
  • Proven keypad, display or joystick modules
  • Get rid of your additional switch cabinet
  • Important functions already integrated
  • Flexible expandability with new features
  • Durability thanks to modularity
  • Extremely lightweight backbone
  • Short-term development processes for you
  • Small quantities can be produced

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MRW Load Limitation

Safety improvements at your work-platform

The MRW load cell allows an exact and reliable load limitation on aerial work platform. High accuracy caused by compensating the lever arm effect and a lot of other features are the reason why MOBA is a leader in the area of load limitation. The MRW load cell is the only load-bearing connection between arm and platform.


  • Precise, reliable load control
  • Redundant measuring method for increased safety
  • Different load cells available
  • Stores all important system data, such as overload alarms or operating hours
  • Correct measurements even at extreme temperatures

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The temperature-compensated and redundant MSS sensors measure the inclination of the chassis and the booms - measurement values that are used for the load moment limitation system. This is a safety relevant system that prevents the vehicle from tipping over. Such a system enables the maximum outreach in every position of the vehicle without threatening the structural safety. Due to its compact and rugged design, the MSS inclination sensor can be optimally mounted and set up on your vehicle. For safety-relevant applications this technology and process should therefore always be your first choice!


  • Compact, flat design
  • Optimized against any influence, no matter if vibrations or accelerations
  • Fast measurement results - automatic tilt detection
  • Temperature stability for excellent accuracy
  • Zero point adjustment via infrared interface
  • Easy-to-install and service processing
  • No possibility to manipulate the system by an end-user

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DSM Distance Control

Variable stabilization for maximum machine utilization

The ultrasonic measurement system measures the extension length of the outriggers in Aerial Work platforms for Mobile cranes, that lie within a measurement range of up to 5 m. Located on the chassis, information is transmitted to the Superordinate Control system. Information on the current span width of each individual outrigger is then made available to the machine. This system enables variable stabilization, ensuring maximum utilization of the work platform, concrete pump or mobile crane.


  • Ultrasonic linear measurement
  • Useable for different applications
  • PL (d) application / TÜV approval
  • Temperature stability for high accuracy
  • Flexible extension modules
  • Easy integration and service handling
  • No opportunity for an enduser to manipulate the system

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MOBA Cloud

Proactive service and support

Thanks to highly scaleable MOBA Cloud, the networking of the construction site will become standard in the future. With the real-time acquisition and transmission of measured values to the high-performance servers of the high-tech company, all data is ready for further analysis. This gives the foreman access to the information on each individual project at any time and from anywhere. In addition to significant time savings, the construction site also benefits from comprehensive knowledge of the optimization potential. With the MOBA Cloud, you can continuously develop your product and service concepts further and thus equip yourself competitively for the future. In close cooperation with us as your cloud partner, we offer your customers decisive added value.


  • Real-time data transfer
  • Interfaces to other systems
  • Data analysis across systems
  • Manufacturer-independent data exchange
  • Protected server environment

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MOBA Cloud Gateway Connectors


MOBA Cloud Gateway WIFI - WLAN


MOBA Cloud Gateway CG-1 - mobile GPRS


On-Board Computer incl. SIM, GPS, Bluetooth

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MOBA Services


Machine manufacturers with MOBA components installed on their machines have a significant advantage over their competition: Aerial Work Platforms and Mobile Cranes with MOBA safety systems have significant added value. MOBA offers you rugged, optimized and powerful hardware components such as MRW load limitation, DSM distance control for outriggers and booms or modular HMIs. All products are equipped with standard interfaces such as CANbus or CleANopen. In addition, we offer customer-specific software applications and support services that you can use for a customized system structure. Upgrading a machine with MOBA components is done absolutely non-destructive, i.e. they can be dismantled without leaving a trace. In addition MOBA offers comprehensive service and support.


custom-made according to your requirements

In addition to add-on systems that can be installed on a wide variety of machine types, we also work closely with you to develop individual solutions that can be integrated directly into your machine and are specially designed to match with your requirements. The development is carried out by our specialists in cooperation with you. By working closely with you, we can develop and manufacture a system that is perfectly adapted for your requirements.


Fast and easy for you

We offer you premium products that have been specially developed and manufactured for use under extreme conditions, as well as first-class service and support. For us, this is also part of our know-how and expert knowledge and of the optimal support of our partners. Our service technicians and application engineers are always at your side with advice and assistance and will be happy to help you with any questions you may have - if necessary, also on the construction site.

Would you like to know more about how and where our systems and products are already being used successfully? In the online expert blog "MOBA Community", you will find interesting postings, event notices and exciting discussions, as well as numerous blog posts on various topics. As an interactive, international platform for the exchange of industry news, the MOBA Community is the perfect place to go for anyone who wants to actively participate in the development of the construction industry. We would be happy if you could contribute your own KNOW-HOW and perspective to interesting dialogues. MOBA COMMUNITY - INSPIRING MOBILE AUTOMATION.


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